Kim Kardashian's Superstitions: Reality Star Won’t Get Married In 2013

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Socialite and reality TV star Kim Kardashian reportedly does not want to get married this year because she feels the year 2013 is unlucky.

Kim Kardashian who was married to baskteball player KRIS HUMPHRIES for 72 days and went through a NASTY DIVORCE, feels her marriage to Kanye won't work out if they wed this year.

The world has been exposed to the romantic escapades of eccentric rapper Kanye West and tabloid darling/reality star Kim Kardashian, willingly or not, since they made their relationship public in April 2012. Anyone who has seen Kim's glowing smile and easy body language around boyfriend Kanye West knows that something sets this romance apart from the reality queen's past loves.

Friends for many years, the couple begun dating and quickly became inseparable. They practically took up residence at Paris fashion week. She gave him a Lamborghini for his birthday. He responded by laying on a surprise trip to Italy for hers.

No wonder Kim seemed to be floating on her Louboutins. As for Kanye, a phenomenally successful rapper with a reputation as a prickly character, he became a huge softie around his new girl. By December, the lovers had announced they were expecting their first child.

With his usual showmanship, the hip hop star broke the happy news to a 5,000-strong audience at a New Year's Eve concert, telling them to "make some noise" for his "baby mama".

He drove the point home by singing: "Now she's having my baby."

Kim gave birth to her first child with rapper boyfriend Kanye West in July.

Even though Kanye has already popped the big question, she wants to wait, reports

"Kanye asked Kim to marry him straight after the birth of their baby daughter North West. He didn't want any fuss, he just wanted to go and get hitched within the month," a source said.

"But Kim is far too superstitious. She's crazy and irrational about superstitions and is not having any of it," a source said.

"Kim thinks it's bound to end in disaster if they get married in 2013 because she believes the number 13 is unlucky," the source added.

She has been Superstitious many times before

Superstitious On Set With Smallz And Raskin:

She quoted," I spent the day doing a very simple, beautifully clean shoot! One shot they had to take from above me, which was really scary. I am really superstitious, so I wouldn't put my whole body under the ladder!! Fortunately, I had the best photographers, who made this day go by so smoothly... Smallz and Raskin, I love you guys!"

Superstition is the poetry of life. What do you think about her behaviour?

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