Kim Kardashian's 'Miserable, Boring Honeymoon' with Kanye West: Reports Denied by Kim's Rep

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Kim Kardashian reportedly had a boring honeymoon with beau Kanye West. According to sources to Mail Online Kimye's honeymoon did not turn up as swell as Kim had expected. Reports suggest that Kim was upset with the Honeymoon as it was raining all the time.

"Kim was "disappointed" with the honeymoon since it was super rainy and not as glamorous as she wanted," a source revealed to the Web site.

Kim had a lovely and an unforgettable memory from her trip in Ireland back in 2012. However, this time Kim and Kanye ended up in a movie theater in a small town in Portlaoise.

"Not only did they skip the touristy stuff, they also spent an entire afternoon riding mountain bikes on the muddy and treacherous trails in the Ballyhoura Mountains north of Cork," a source told the site, adding "And that couldn't have been very romantic, not with two assistants and two bodyguards in tow!"

Furthermore, it was revealed by Mailonline that Kim had planned a one-day stopover in Dublin but she left early, as she was bored. Kim was seen arriving back alone from her Honeymoon. She was dressed in black jeans and a black leather jacket and was reportedly looking somber.

However, contrary to these reports Kim had posted on her Twitter account that she had a fantastic Honeymoon.

Kim's representative debased the reports of a "boring" honeymoon and told Hollywoodlife that Kim was extremely happy with her romantic getaway with hubby Kanye West.

"Kim was very happy on her honeymoon. Kanye had a photo shoot he needed to stay behind for and Kim went home to North [West]," Kim's rep said to Hollywoodlife.

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