Kim Kardashian Wants to Meet and Dine with Kate Middleton on Upcoming London Tour [PHOTOS]

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Kim Kardashian wishes to have her moment with the fashionable Duchess when she visits London to promote her TV show next week.

The famous reality star plans to tour London with her sisters to promote their fashion line and TV show next week. Aside from appearances, Kardashian plans to share a few hours with Kate Middleton and fulfill her dream of getting close to the royal.

"We'd love to [see Kate Middleton], are you kidding? We all love her! I'd call her up and ask her to lunch. She's amazing." said Kim in a report posted by

Kim has always looked up to the Duchess for her sense of style and her public demeanor. Like her, the Duchess is known to fancy designer brands like Jimmy Choo and Alexander McQueen.  Kim's make-up artist, Rob Scheppy attests to Kim's fascination towards the stylish royal.

"Kate Middleton has influenced [Kim's] look while in London. Kate's amazing. We watched her wedding and we thought it was beautiful. Kim's style icon is Sophia Loren," told Scheppy to The Daily Star.

While excited and hopeful to meet and bond with the Duchess, Kim gushed about her current love, rapper, Kanye West and says how ideal he is.

"I don't think romance is about one big thing, but about the way that someone treats you every day, and Kanye is very kind and thoughtful.  I really like a guy who is confident, so I like a guy who has a plan for a date. There is nothing worse than a guy who shows up and just asks what I want to do." quipped the star.

Will Kim get her chance to finally spend some quality time with one of the world's most fashionable women? Maybe Kim and her sisters will have better luck on snagging Kate's younger sister, since Pippa likes to party and have a great time like an American celebrity. Fans have to wait until next week to find out.

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