Kim Kardashian Wants Bruce Jenner To Walk Her Down The Aisle On Wedding Day

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Her mother might not want to live with Bruce Jenner anymore, but Kim Kardashian still hopes that stepfather will be in her wedding to Kanye West. Not only does she expect the former Olympian's presence in what is expected to be a grand media affair, but she also wants him to walk her down the aisle.

Bruce wasn't present in Kanye's surprise proposal party for Kim. Her friends and family - the entire Kardashian clan - were there, but Bruce was nowhere to be seen. Kanye planned the party in the guise of a surprise birthday bash for Kim, who turned 33 the same day, October 21, but it's unclear if he's the one who specifically left out Bruce's name from the guest list.

According to TMZ, Bruce was not happy when Kim hooked up with Kanye immediately after she separate from her husband Kris Humphries, with whom her divorced was finalised in June 2013.

It has also been claimed that Kim's mother, Kris Jenner, was the one who made sure that her husband of 22 years would not take part in her daughter's momentous event.

But Kim's relationship with her stepfather has never faltered even when her mother wanted to be free from Bruce. Perhaps because her family and friends were already in the venue, Kim's first call was said to be Bruce to inform him of her engagement.

And since the reality star has always considered Bruce to be her father, she wants him to walk her down the aisle on her wedding to Kanye.

She told People magazine that Bruce's significant role is only thing that she is certain about her wedding. The rest of the details will be taken care of her husband-to-be.

"We honestly haven't had a moment to talk about it or even breathe, so we haven't really talked about it, but whatever he wants," she said of Kanye.

Bruce was also the one who gave Kim away on her wedding to Humphries, though that union infamously lasted for only 72 days.

Kim was first married to music producer Damon Thomas when she was just 19 years old. Their marriage ended three years later in 2003.

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