Kim Kardashian Showing Her Nips at Paris Fashion Week: Tips For Influential Dressing [PHOTOS/VIDEOS]

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After months of baby-induced hiatus Kim Kardashian stepped out with Kanye West to take her place at the top of everyone's chat nosh. Paparazzi caught the couple in Paris, black-clad and en route to the Givenchy show to support pal Riccardo Tisci.

While West got it precise, it was a fashion fiasco for her that demands a reality check for the reality star. Kim posted her photo of Givenchy's Paris Fashion Week show, on instagram.

"Thank you Ricky for making this for me the day before the show. I die for you. #Givenchy4lifebaby " Kim  tweeted 29 Sep 13.

Kim Kardashian at Givenchy's Paris Fashion Week show on Sunday
Kim Kardashian at Givenchy's Paris Fashion Week show on Sunday

While Kim Kardashian and her sisters Khloe Kardashian and Kourtney Kardashian make some great sartorial choices, they sometimes land in jeopardy. The celebrated trio seem to always be having wardrobe malfunctions and flashing their hidden assets. Even Kris Jenner has had some malfunctions of her own - nip slips must run in the Kardashian family!

Kim - Kim has been having wardrobe malfunctions for quite some time. Camel toe, bra flashing, and now nip-show at Givenchy's Paris Fashion Week show

Khloe - Khloe has grown to be the queen of the nip slip. From her debut on the X-Factor to her interview on Fox & Friends, Khloe has left little to the imagination when it comes to her assets. Khloe has also battled the Spanx slip.

Kourtney - While Kourtney has also had her struggles with the Spanx slip, her more embarrassing malfunction is the wind caught her at the accurate right time on a Miami balcony, causing her skirt to fly up and show her butt

Kris - Kris is always trying to vibe up with her daughters, so she also has nip slip of her own. She showed off a little too much of her boobs when she modelled her Halloween costume.

The outfit of Kim at Givenchy's Paris Fashion Week show appears to be a howl for help - so here's our advice for Kardashian.

  • Be honest with yourself
  • The outfit isn't bad; you just look bad in it
  • Don't squeeze yourself into ensembles that don't fit
  • Black, fashion's favourite chrome, isn't always slimming
  • Take more tips from Kanye West

It's chic-meets-street with an ever-increasing air of ease: Kanye West wears the outfit that is fashion-forward yet true to his individual style. Bottega Veneta boots with a track jacket, a gentleman's topcoat with sports-star trainers.

Watch : Kim Kardashian showing her nips in ripped shirt at Paris Fashion Week and more in the videos below:

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