Kim Kardashian Post Baby Weight Loss


There are few body parts in the world quite as famous as Kim Kardashian's shapely rear end which has been splashed in all its glory across hundreds of magazine covers in the last few years. However, since getting pregnant, that butt has been swallowed up by the baby weight she's gained during her pregnancy.

Meanwhile, as each day passes without a peek at little Nori, we can't help but wonder: might the release of the Royal Baby photos affect the timing of this child's public debut?

Of course it's totally normal for women to gain weight during their pregnancy--some can expect to put on as much as 35 pounds. According to gossip columnists (if you can trust them, which you probably can't), Kim may have gained even more, with some saying she's gained 70 pounds.

We have no doubt that after she gives birth, she'll work hard to get that famous butt back. And if you're looking to lose baby weight, you can follow the same advice we're giving Kim K.

Take the Weight Loss Slow

The average nursing mom requires about 1,800 calories in order to have enough energy for her body and still produce quality milk. Unfortunately, this means that the post-baby weight loss may be a bit slow. But safe weight loss is extremely important. She's going to have to avoid any diet supplements or drastic weight loss diets, as that can backfire and affect her health and the health of her baby. It's going to be about slow, steady weight loss for Kim. So she shouldn't expect to get her butt back for at least a few months.

Choose Food and Drink Carefully

Kim may have already been fairly selective about what she was eating before pregnancy, and she's going to have to maintain that attitude. She should focus on eating fruits and veggies, with some complex carbs and lean proteins (fish, chicken breast, turkey, and legumes) for good measure. She needs to say goodbye to her favourite guilty foods, avoiding any fat that isn't completely natural and unsaturated.

Exercising with Care

Post-pregnancy weight is already fairly hard to lose, but Kim won't be able to push her body hard for at least a few months after the baby is born. She won't have the energy to do much exercise for a few weeks after giving birth, and her body won't handle the strain until a few months later. If she's going to hit the gym to get back in shape, she'll have to start out slow and gradually increase the amount of exercise she does. She needs to train her body to handle more and more exertion, until she can finally do the cardio, Pilates, and resistance training that will melt away those pounds.

It will take time for it to firm up and shape up to the glorious posterior that it once was, but that's to be expected with pregnancy and birth.

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