Kim Kardashian And Other Celebrities' Most Personal Insecurities Revealed! [PHOTOS]


It is a part of any celebrity's life to work up their bodies to the best of their looks. Your favourite stars look too perfect to even discover that they still have their own insecurities that they keep to themselves.

Do you think that the revelation of their own weaknesses signify their guts and courage or are they just playing it humble?

Katy Perry may seem too perfect and secure with her hot body, but the singer once admitted that she was not too proud with her bust back in high school. The 'Part of Me' singer also once dreamed of having the body of Kate Moss.

Kim Kardashian never loved her thighs, which she thinks are 'too big.' She also gets to adore her tummy better after each work out. What's admirable about the Kardashian sisters is the way they maintain their poise even after the recent Kim Kardashian flour bomb scandal.

Kelly Rowland once hated her dark skin. But eventually, the ex-Destiny's Child member realized how sexy she can be even in her own skin, literally.

Angelina Jolie may have all the luck in the world with having gorgeous kids and a handsome husband in Brad Pitt, but sources say she once took it hard with the body changes after her twins were born.

Keira Knightley does not have any plans to reveal her behind on the big screen. The 'Pirates of the Caribbean' actress is not too confident with the bottom half part of her body.

Check out the slideshow for more celebrity revelations.


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