Kim Kardashian Marrying a Vampire in Kanye West? Kanye's Missing Reflection In Mirror Sparks Hilarious Twitter Memes

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Kim Kardashian might be marrying a vampire in Kanye West, it has been revealed. New photographic evidence shows and even proves the fact that the "Yeezus" singer could be a vampire as he does not have any reflection of himself in the mirror. The mischievous claim surfaced online after a leaked photo from the now infamous Kimye Vogue shoot revealed the singer's missing a reflection in a mirror.

The image, posted by a Twitter user Katherine Miller on Monday, shows Kanye, 36, taking a picture of his daughter North West and fiancée Kim Kardashian with his iPad. He stands in front of a mirror that does not show his reflection at all! Meanwhile Kim is seen taking a selfie on her iPhone.

"Shouldn't...shouldn't Kanye be in the mirror?," Miller asked on her Twitter account along with the picture, which you can see below. It is a clear cut case of horrible photo shop mistake. The editors at Vogue missed the basics of mirror and reflection part here and probably were too busy focusing on making Kim and Kanye look flawless.

Kim Kardashian is seen holding baby North West in her arm. Most of the pictures show a naked North West but in this one she is seen wearing a diaper. Kim is too busy checking out her pose as she takes her selfie on her iPhone. However Twitter has come out with really creative and hilarious memes and "corrective" version of this particular picture that are worth reading and taking a look at if you are looking for some serious laugh. "This photo is going to be taught in every media studies course of the next 100 years," writes one Twitter user Mark Novak on his page along with the picture. Some other users have gone ahead and shown a completely different image of Kanye West on his iPad while others have juxtaposed the Kanye picture with the famous Obama and Ellen DeGeneres selfie. Take a look at some of the hilarious memes from Twitter below and tell us if you still think Kanye West is a vampire!

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