Kim Kardashian: Mariah Carey Doesn’t Know Who Kim K is According to Hubby Nick Canon

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Nick Cannon spilled the beans on the women he had sex with but there is one juicy topic that he did reveal as well that his wife, Mariah Carey, does not know who Kim Kardashian is.

Hard to believe that the diva doesn't know who the reality television star is, some speculate that Mariah Carey just doesn't want to talk about any of Nick's ex girlfriends. Nick Cannon had said that he had slept with Kim Kardashian and even Nicole Scherzinger. Cannon, who was interviewed by Howard Stern, said that Mariah doesn't know who Kim Kardashian is when the jock suggested that this must've really pissed Mariah.

Stern had said:

"The one that [must have gotten] Mariah the most pissed was [when] you talked about Kim Kardashian, that you f--ked her, and that really got Mariah's goat," but Cannon responded saying:

"You know? I don't think ... no, 'cause, honestly ... my wife, she [doesn't] even know who Kim Kardashian is,"

Stern had said that he didn't even know that Cannon had dated Kim Kardashian but Cannon responded by saying:

"You just forgot because there's been a lot of people since me. [Laughs] She's a great girl, though."

Well at least the whole world knows that Mariah Carey isn't a fan of "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" because she doesn't even know who Kim Kardashian is, lucky Mariah she must be really busy with her two kids that she and Nick Cannon have together, twins: Monroe and Moroccan.

Nick Cannon was former Nickelodeon star that now hosts "America's Got Talent," and is happy that he married his celebrity crush, Mariah Carey. Talk about getting what you dream of, now if only we could also get ourselves a bit of Channing Tatum and Orlando Bloom that would be very nice.

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