Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's Baby North Makes Reality TV Debut In Wedding Special

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TV Personality Kim Kardashian Holds Her Baby in Her Arms as She Shops in Paris
TV personality Kim Kardashian holds her baby in her arms as she shops in Paris, May 20, 2014. Reuters

Kim Kardashian announced several weeks ago that her daughter with rapper Kanye West will make her reality TV debut appearance on the special wedding feature for "Keeping Up With the Kardashians". The wedding special is a two-part season finale featuring the events leading up to the wedding and Kim's preparations before walking down the aisle to marry Kanye. Kim did good on her promise with several scenes showing baby North.

In the first part of the special feature, North is seen in her car seat as Kim is getting ready to leave for Paris. Kris says goodbye to Kim as the bride heads out ahead of everyone else for her week-long wedding celebration. At the bridal shower, Kim speaks to her guests and fondly tells them about how North has already learned on how to wave her hand and say "bye,bye" and "dada".

While Kim was having a fitting for her Givenchy wedding dress, her sisters and her mom saw her dress for the first time and audiences saw baby North in full view for the first time. She rapidly crawled up on the white carpet up to her mom who was still in her wedding dress. The camera man was heard asking about the shot and Kim casually responded that he could film her. North scrambled up to her mom who lifted her up on her lap. Kim revealed that North will be wearing a matching Givenchy lace dress to the wedding.

During the wedding rehearsal, North caused a little bit of stress as the initial plan to have her go down the aisle in a carriage that was deemed risky. Everyone provided their own opinion as to how to go about it and Kim started to get frustrated. She had initially planned to have Mason carry the ring with Penelope throwing flowers and she had asked Mason to help push North down in a carriage. The wedding planner decided against it and said that it would be safer to have a family member carry North. Bruce volunteered, but with him already having the bride on one arm, they all decided it would be too much for him to have the baby in his arms as well.

In the end, the issue was settled and Kris Jenner, North's grandmother, ended up carrying down the aisle with her. North was also snapped leaving Florence with Kris on the way home to Los Angeles After the wedding while Kim and Kanye jetted off to Ireland for their honeymoon. It remains to be seen if North will be making more appearances in upcoming episodes of the family's TV shows just like her older cousins Mason and Penelope Disick.

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