Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Planning Wedding This Year [PHOTOS/VIDEOS]

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A wedding seems the natural step for Kim Kardashian and Kanye West who welcomed their baby daughter North West, in June 2013. The power couple is looking to tie the knot before the new year, as the Kanye is trying his best to make her "happier."

According to It's been a long-time coming following reports of tensions in their relationship over how their daughter is raised, but they are keen to tie the knot after putting their relationship back on track, insiders claim.

"They haven't decided on a venue, but they want to marry by the end of the year, they both admitted they'd become so entrenched in winning the fight they'd lost sight of what was important," a source added.

Kim Kardashian is allegedly relieved as Kanye West has put a stop to his conflict of opinion with her mother and they are finally getting along.

"Although he and Kris have clashed in the past, Kanye has promised to make a real effort with her because he knows that will make Kim happier." The source revealed.

"He's being really affectionate, paying more attention to her, and planning lots of things for them to do together. She told him she'd appear occasionally and he's happy with that. She's so relieved they seem to be back on track."

Kim has been granted a divorce from her ex-husband Kris Humphries in June after a two year legal battle after the couple had been married for 72 days. So A wedding could be a happy ending for the new parents and the love birds.

 Kim Kardashian was shocked to know about Lamar Odom, her brother-in-law was battling with a drug abuse.

"Khloe did keep her marriage issues with Lamar a secret from her family for quite some time - no one knew."

Khloe Kardashian had been keeping it a secret and had not disclosed the problems with the rest of her family. So when reports came out in recent times that their marriage was in crisis due to his addiction, Kim is said to be surprised with the revelations.

"She only wants what's best for Khloe ... [Kim] would like to see them work it out."She knows how much they love each other. Everyone in the family feels divorce should be the last option." Khloe apparently kept the details of her marital problems a secret from her family, and the insider said Kim was "shocked" to learn of the extent of the issues. a source told E! News.

We think Kim has now evolved to maturity and seems to have great faith in the constitution of marriage.

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