Kim Kardashian and Kanye West: Officially Married and Off to Ireland for Honeymoon

Celebrity couple will spend five days in Cork, Ireland
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Kim Kardashian and rapper Kanye West
TV personality Kim Kardashian and rapper Kanye West arrive at a fashion designer workshop in Paris May 21, 2014. U.S. television personality Kim will Kardashian and rapper Kanye West celebrate their wedding in Florence on May 24, an official from the mayor's office confirmed on Friday. REUTERS

After a week long string of festivities, Kim Kardashian is finally Mrs Kanye West. The celebrity couple were married last Saturday, May 24, 2014 and have now arrived for their honeymoon in Ireland.

The wedding venue itself was the subject of speculations with the first reports stating that it will be held at the Louis XIV Versailles Palace. Later reports stated that the couple were rejected in their attempt to book the historical venue and were forced to look elsewhere.

Eventually, as the week played out, more details were revealed and the guests all arrived in Paris for a few days of sightseeing and a lavish brunch at Italian designer Valentino's home. This was followed by a rehearsal dinner and private tour of the Versailles palace.

Finally, guests were shuttled off in Mercedes Benz Limousines and private jets and arrived at the Forte di Belvedere in Florence, Italy, where the actual ceremony was held. The couple said their vows in front of over 600 guests in hilltop accentuated by a 20-foot tall flower wall.

The wedding is finally over and while guests are heading back to their normal lives, Mr. And Mrs. Kanye West are now off to their honeymoon. With all the speculation surrounding the wedding itself, not much has been said about possible plans for the honeymoon. It turns out that the pair have decided to spend five days in Cork in Ireland.

The couple arrived on Sunday, with a sizeable entourage of bodyguards and assistants but notable without their daughter North West. Similar to the set up in Paris, the group was whisked away in a row of Mercedes-Benz limousines.

They couple booked the presidential suite in the 17th century Castlemartyr Resort boasts of a five star spa with 10 treatment rooms and a Ron Kirby-designed golf course. Richard Boyle, the First Earl of Cork built the Sprawling Mansion in the 1800s but the location has been used by the Knights Templar as early as the 1200s. And the original castle ruins are still there adjacent to the current manor house. The 220 acre property also boasts of activities such as archery, fly fishing and carriage tours of the property. The area has a tranquil atmosphere where the couple can immerse themselves in nature amid the streams, parkland, gardens and lake all within the property.  

The suite rented out by Kim and Kanye is said to cost $820 a night and has its own sitting room big enough for hosting a small cocktail party should the couple wish to do so.

Kardashian and West are expected to fly back to the US on Friday after a possible stop in Dublin for a day of sightseeing.  

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