Kim Kardashian And Kanye West Head To Mexico For Yet Another Vacation

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TV Personality Kim Kardashian and Rapper Kanye West Are Enjoying Their London Stay.File Photo/Reuters/Gonzalo Fuentes
Kim Kardashian is loving the weather and food of London. File Photo/Reuters/Gonzalo Fuentes Reuters/Gonzalo Fuentes

Kim Kardashian West is taking some time off in between filming seasons of their hit reality show "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" and is using her time to focus on other projects such as renovating their new family home and spending time with husband Kanye West.

Kanye was spotted leaving Los Angeles earlier this week while Kim appears to have taken a side trip to The Hamptons before joining her husband in Mexico. Kim's sisters, Kourtney and Khloe, had been staying in The Hamptons since early June to film their spin-off reality series "Kourtney and Khloe Take The Hamptons. The sisters were also in the area to open a branch of their ever-growing chain of retail stores called DASH.

The couple have been spending a lot of time in Mexico lately and have gone there for a vacation shortly after returning from their honeymoon in Ireland. They rented a private beachfront home in Punta Mita, Mexico where they celebrated Kanye's birthday last June. Kanye is also reportedly doing some work on his next record while in Mexico.

Kim posted a photo of the view that she's enjoying in Mexico with a beautiful capture of the sunrise. She then followed up the tranquil post with a steamy photo of herself lounging under the sun in a bikini and offered a view of her famous posterior. She captioned it: "Let me sleep!!!!"

While wanting more nap time, Kim was, nevertheless, able to get in on some fun activities and water sports while in Mexico by getting on a jet ski and managing to get a selfie in with a friend. She posted a the photo with the caption: "Not easy taking a selfie jet skiing"

Kim then captured a beautiful photo of the Punta Mita horizon just as the sun was setting and the sky was aglow with fiery colours. "PuntaMitaPretty" she said.

When the sun went down, Kim changed out of her bikini and opted for something more formal before enjoying dinner and drinks, Mexican style with Kanye and a couple of their friends: "Nothing like listening to a mariachi band over margs & quesadillas! @anthonyschiller @steph_shep" said Kim in a photo that she posted now wearing a black sleeveless dress.

Finally, Kim and Kanye posed for a couple shot by the pool with Kim flauting her assets in a skin tight black dress and Kanye sporting a more casual military-green shirt. Kim captioned the post: "MexicoNightsWithMySexyMan"

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