Kim Kardashian, Kanye West to Confiscate Phones of Wedding Guests, Plans to Sell Wedding Photos to Magazines Exclusively

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New details on Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's wedding are coming out. Kim is said to be planning to hide all the details of her wedding from the press by asking wedding gusts to sign confidentiality agreements. The couple also plans to confiscate the phones of all guests so that any footage to their wedding will not be leaked before the wedding is shown on E! Entertainment's Keeping up with the Kardashians. And here we thought she really is serious about the privacy of her wedding. 

According to Radar Online, "Guests will have to go through extensive security, even most of Kim and Kanye's celebrity friends." Radar Online also reports that "mobile devices will be held at a secure location and if someone needs to use during the festivities, accommodations will be made, but a long way away from the festivities."  This is designed to make sure none of the guests use their probably very sophisticated phones to leak out images and videos of the said wedding of the year. 

Mail Online UK reports that this move shows that the couple has already learned from their past mistakes when a footage of Kanye's elaborate but supposedly-private proposal to Kim was put on Youtube for everyone to see, making the event impossible to air exclusively on Kim's reality show or the pictures of the event impossible to sell to magazines.

It is speculated that Kanye and Kim will sell their upcoming wedding photos to magazines for astounding prices and for their video to be exclusively aired on their reality show. That is, if their plans of keeping everything on the big day under wraps is successful. With new technologies nowadays, and persistent people, some pictures or videos are bound to get out.

Of course, these strict rules will not be applied on everyone, especially those close to the couple and the couple trusts with their hearts. "There is no way Kanye would ever even dare to ask Jay Z or Beyonce to sign a non-disclosure agreement, or take away their cell phones," Mail Online UK reports. "He knows that neither one of them would betray his trust."

Unless some hoopla was planned to mislead to media, it has been announced that the wedding will happen on May 24 in Paris, with Baby North West as the cute, crawling flower girl.

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