Kim Kardashian Jealous of Sister Kourtney's Body, Tells Her 'Put Your Butt Away' [VIDEOS]

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Kim Kardashian is reportedly "jealous" of sister Kourtney's toned body and the positive attention she is getting over her butt. 

Kim is said to be "devastated' when people had made mean comments about her legs. Paparazzi had caught her wearing a pair of ripped up jeans earlier this month and fans reacted to how she looked.

A source told Radar that Kim was really upset with all of the comments about her bum and thighs. That it's devastating for her since she's worked so hard to be fit so she looks her best at her wedding.

Kim felt even more distraught when she read nice comments about her sister Kourtney's body. The star felt annoyed because she has worked so hard to get a toned body. She has put in a lot of effort to lose weight especially for the upcoming wedding (reportedly going on a drastic low-carb diet and working out three times a day). Kanye West's fiancée has put a lot of effort to attain toned buttocks. But instead it was her sister Kourtney's behind that got everyone giving positive remarks. Kourtney was on a holiday in Mexico to celebrate her 35th birthday when she was photographed in her bikini and fans commented that they loved her figure.

Kim has reportedly told Kourtney "put your butt away" since she was getting too much positive attention on her body.

The picture of Kim in her ripped up jeans and Kourtney in her bikini, had fans posting on the internet to give out their opinions on who had the better physique. One fan posted that Kourtney's bottom looks normal. That it is at least proportioned to her legs compared to Kim's butt which looks deformed. Another fan wasn't too sensitive and posted that Kim Kardashian has a gigantic ass, further saying that Kourtney's behind looks way cuter.

Kim Kardashian later shared online that she has noticed that she has gained a little weight ( Radar has photos to prove) and has since gotten back to dieting. Examiner reported that a source said Kim counts the calories in every food.

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