Kim Kardashian Invited Kate Middleton to Her Wedding, Kim's Wedding Gown Resembled Kate Middleton's Wedding Dress: Reports

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Kim Kardashian who recently stepped into a matrimonial bliss with Kanye West is reported to have invited Kate Middleton to her wedding. The murmur is rife that Kardashian invited Duchess of Cambridge to her lavish Paris wedding, which took place on May 24.

According to reports by popular gossip Web site Celebrity Laundry, Middleton was apparently asked by Kim Kardashian to attend her wedding ceremony. Though there is no evidence whether Kardashian sent an invitation to Middleton or not, the Web site went on to suggest that if Middleton being a royal entity could not make time for a Ralph Lauren charity dinner then how would she have turned up for Kardashian and West's wedding?

Kim Kardashian's wedding dress has also made headlines for having a resemblance to Kate Middleton's wedding couture. Some fans are claiming that Kim Kardashian's Givenchy wedding dress was deeply inspired from Kate's wedding gown.

Muhammad Arief ‏@Arief96Muhammad tweeted: "#Femail: Kim Kardashian to marry Kanye West in Kate Middleton style wedding gown"

sanna hussain ‏@sannahussain  tweeted: "Is it just me or was Kim Kardashian's wedding gown very reminiscent of Kate Middleton's? Nevertheless better than her previous ones!"

RedneckRealityCheck ‏@RedneckReality tweeted: "Kim Kardashian Copies Kate Middleton's Alexander McQueen Wedding Gown."

Interestingly, this not the first time that Kim Kardashian has been linked or compared to Kate Middleton. The reality star has been equated to Kate Middleton throughout her pregnancy.

Her pregnancy fashion was the topic of immense speculation and was time and again compared to Kate Middleton's. Both Kate and Kim also gave birth to their respective babies in July.  On one hand, Kate Middleton gave birth to a royal heir Prince George whereas Kim Kardashian gave birth to a beautiful baby girl North West.

It is interesting to note that Kate Middleton and Kim Kardahshian have become icons of the current generation, in their individual way.

Meanwhile, Kim Kardahsian's wedding was a huge weekend extravaganza and the whole Kardashian clan became a part of the joyous occasion except brother Rob Kardashian.

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