Kim Kardashian Insults Khloe after Sister Criticises her Sexy Selfies

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After slugging it out with Robert Kardashian in last week's episode of "Keeping Up With the Kardashians," Khloe Kardahsian is fighting with yet another member of the family. This time around, It's Kim that's locking horns with the troubled Khloe.

In a clip from the episode preview of next week's installment of the popular reality TV series that wa sposted by Us Weekly,  the family continues its disastrous Thailand trip and Kim and Khloe are seen arguing and insulting each other. The argument starts when Khloe mentions a flight number and Kim asks what it's about. Khloe then declares that she's talking to her travel agent about getting her an earlier flight to leave the family vacation. Kim then asks her what the point is of doing that since she knows that Khloe's departure will create a domino effect and will cause further issues amongst the family members. The already volatile situation is on the brink of total vacation meltdown.

Khloe snaps back at Kim and calls her a "princess" and tells her that she's not ruining the vacation for anybody and Kim can go ahead and take as many selfies as she wants. Khloe was referring to her annoyance at Kim in the previous episode for obsessively taking selfies throughout the vacation and in every possible location. Kim explains that this is something she's doing for Kanye since her then-fiancé and now husband was unable to join the trip.

Kim didn't take Khloe's comment lightly and retaliates by saying that the selfies are something she's doing for Kanye, someone that she loves, insinuating that Khloe doesn't understand because she has no one. This rubs salt on Khloe's injury after she had just gone through a painful separation and divorce from NBA player Lamar Odom.

Khloe sarcastically responds that she should be so lucky to have the same one day. Kim isn't done and carried on insulting Khloe by saying that she's only in a hurry to get back to L.A. to the 50 rappers that she's dating and that she's a miserable person.

Other members of the family look on at the drama unfolding as the conflicts continue to pile up. The vacation started with Kourtney cancelling due to an ear infection suffered by her son, Mason. Then things really went downhill when Rob was a no-show at the airport making Khloe and Kylie threaten not to come. Once the vacation started, things didn't get any better as Bruce and Kris Jenner started to argue about the daily activities while on vacation causing Kendall and Kylie to get angry at Kris as well when they thought that Kris was scheming behind their backs.

The rest of the vacation and what transpires between the feuding family members will be revealed in the upcoming episode airing this Sunday on E!

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