Kim Kardashian as God: Artist Depicts Reality Star as Virgin Mary, Joan of Arc and Hindu Goddess; Stirs Controversy

Kim Kardashian Arrives at the 2014 Elton John AIDS Foundation Oscar Party in West Hollywood
Television personality Kim Kardashian arrives at the 2014 Elton John AIDS Foundation Oscar Party in West Hollywood, California March 2, 2014.

The extent to which Kim Kardashian has been famous and talked about in today's life has made her an equivalent to a God; a New York based artist thinks so. Hannah Kunkle believes that since Kim is omnipresent in news and magazines she is nothing less than a God. The 23-year-old artist has depicted the reality star as Virgin Mary, Cleopatra, Hindu Goddess and even Jesus Christ in a series of pictures, which can be viewed here.

Hannah Kunkle's exhibition "The Passion of Kim Kardashian," opened in Bushwick some time back and undoubtedly gathered lot of criticism from various sects of people. Father Michael Perry of Our Lady of Refuge Church in Flatbush, called the show "dumb and stupid," according to Daily Star. Father Perry is of the opinion that everyone is aware about who the real Kim Kardashian is and what her credentials are.

Kunkle's exhibition featured cleverly photo shopped images of Kim Kardashian where she is either portrayed as Joan of Arc or a Hindu deity Goddess Kali among other pictures. Baby North West and Kourtney's son Mason are also visible in pictures where she is depicted as Virgin Mary. The artist not only sees the "Keeping up with the Kardashian" star as a Goddess but has also depicted her as a Satan in one of her artworks.

The aim behind Kunkle's controversial work of Kim Kardashian's artwork is simple. She wants people to recognize the fact that Kim is extremely popular yet no one understands exactly why.

"Kim Kardashian is the subject of this series because she is someone I and many others are fascinated with without even sometimes knowing why," Kunkle revealed to The Huffington Post. "She is everywhere we look and knowledge of the ins and outs of her life is almost unavoidable... Kim Kardashian has such a strange version of fame. We don't totally understand what makes her so fascinating."

Kunkle is aware about the controversy and backlash she is facing because of her work and has called it "pretty hilarious."  Nevertheless the artist still believes that Kim is "God" and deserves the artwork.

"I don't know if she's omniscient, but no one can deny she's not omnipresent. Kim floats above us all, even the deniers and the haters," Kunkle said, according to the Web site.

"We have accepted her into our lives via television screens, memes, and Instagram feeds. If Jay Z is the father and Yeezus is the son, then she is the ever-present holy ghost of pop culture," she added.

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