Kim Kardashian Gives Kanye West A Selfie Book As A Present For Their Wedding

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TV Personality Kim Kardashian and Rapper Kanye West Are Enjoying Their London Stay.File Photo/Reuters/Gonzalo Fuentes
Kim Kardashian is loving the weather and food of London. File Photo/Reuters/Gonzalo Fuentes Reuters/Gonzalo Fuentes

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's wedding was lavish and over the top, exactly how the couple wanted it. The wedding was extravagant while keeping it classy and intimate with only their closest friends and family in attendance.  Despite being filmed for a reality show with the paparazzi swarming around them, the couple managed to keep the wedding about themselves and not the media fiasco. Kim shared a tender detail about the wedding as she revealed that she is giving Kanye a selfie book as a wedding present as opposed to other expensive material gifts.

As Kim was getting her makeup done and getting ready to walk down the aisle, she was seen putting in the finishing touches on her selfie book which she tells her sisters would be her present for Kanye. The scene was part of the wedding special feature and season finale of "Keeping Up With The Kardashians."

Kim had the book on her lap and she was putting in the final photos that would be included in the latest selfie compilation that she made for Kanye. She mentioned that she had given him one for his birthday and he loved it so much that she decided to make him another one for yet another milestone in their lives.

She revealed in an earlier episode of the reality series that the whole idea started when they were forced to spend some time apart due to their hectic schedules and she got into the habit of sending him photos of herself from where she was.  When the family went to Thailand earlier this year and Kanye was unable to join them, Kim got a special camera which she used to take thousands of selfies during the trip which annoyed her sister Khloe. At one point as she was taking sexy photos in a see-through white dress, her step brother Brody even walked in on her causing some awkwardness between them during the vacation. Brandon Jenner, Brody's brother kept teasing him about it but in the end, they all just laughed about it when Brody pulled a prank on Kim making her walk in on him also in a state of undress.

Kim has since announced that she will soon be releasing a selfie book which will be published for public consumption. What started out as a simple exchange between the two love birds has morphed not only into a wedding present but also into a business venture as only the Kardashian marketing machine can pull off. 

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