Kim Kardashian Flashes Boobs and Baby Bump on Instagram [PHOTOS]


Kim Kardashian has once expressed her desires on being a mother. Now that she's pregnant, that doesn't mean she'll stop posting an flaunting on Instagram.

While some are annoyed for her overexposure, some people actually finds Kim Kardashian interesting. She's put herself under the spotlight and delights in being filmed day in and day out. She makes a habit of posting photos on Instagram and Twitter. So there's probably nothing about Kim Kardashian that that public doesn't already know.

Now that she's expecting a baby with boyfriend Kanye West, her sisters as well as her close friends say that the reality star is thrilled. Looking back, Kim said that she always wanted to have a baby. Well now that she's anticipating one, eyes are on her.

On her Instagram account, Kim posted several photos displaying her massive cleavage. Apart from that, she also shared photo that clearly shows her baby bump.

Kim was recently in Brazil to accompany her boyfriend on a scenic tour with actor Will Smith. Kanye, Kim, Will and some of their friends are staying in the same hotel and touring around the city.

"We're in Brazil and we have the most gorgeous view ever. I just wanted to share this experience with you because I feel so blessed to be here," Kim captioned together with a video she posted.

Kim's mother, Kris Jenner, shared some details about her daughter's pregnancy during an interview with E! News. The proud grandmother gushed and revealed that Kim has been having unusual cravings lately.

"Kim's doing great. She's having one [craving] for giant cookies from BJs. Last night she craved French fries, Chinese chicken salad and artichokes," Kris said.

Kim and Kanye are expecting their baby on July. With just a few months left, the couple are already busy buying and preparing things for the nursery room. Will they be able to beat Beyoncé and Jay Z on that department? Let's see.

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