Kim Kardashian Feature on Vogue Cover Harshly Criticised by Readers

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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West appeared on Vogue cover [See Image]. While this may be an extremely special occasion for Kimye to celebrate, there has been harsh criticism on the couple being featured on the prestigious magazine cover.

The couple was termed as "the epitome of vulgarity" as their selection to be on Vogue cover was called "disgusting." The Facebook page of Vogue was flooded with critical comment after the update on Kim & Kanye was posted. While some of the users maintained their composure while disapproving of the selection, some of the users condemned it in the harshest way possible.

One of the Facebook users called Annie Onymus wrote that "Vogue put a porno "actress" on their cover." She called Kanye "rude, racist and insipid rapper." She wondered if Vogue would ask porn stars like Jenna Jameson to be on the cover. She called the editor-in-chief of the magazine, Anna Wintour, "drunk" for such a choice.

Albert Obregon called it a "very bad move" by Vogue that she "used to respect." Meredith Walsh wrote that she was "disappointed." Laura Foti Cohen wrote that she would not renew her subscription. She wrote that she could never love the magazine again. Johann Haggard called the magazine "truly dead". He wrote that the magazine did not discover new talent any more.

Ms Wintour, meanwhile, defended that selection of Kim and Kanye for the magazine cover. She referred to them as people who "define the culture" of the moment. The 64-year-old editor denied rumours that Kanye literally begged to be featured on the magazine cover. She wrote that it was entirely the magazine's decision, Us Weekly reported. Hannah Marriott, on the other hand, wrote a blog on The Guardian to defend Vogue's decision by saying that a Vogue cover could not be compared to something like the Nobel.

Did you know?

Ten-year-old model Thylane Lena-Rose Blondeau posed provocatively on the January 2011 issue. Indians belonging to the below poverty line were asked to pose with expensive accessories on the August 2008 issue. Dutch model Lara Stone who has an extremely pale complexion was transformed in to a "black" woman on the October 2009 issue. All these created huge controversies.

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