Kim Kardashian Asked Kanye West to Punch a Man Who Allegedly Threatened to Kill Her, 'Kimye' Wedding to be Televised?

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Reports from the have stated that Kanye West allegedly punched an eighteen-year-old boy after he called his fiancé Kim Kardashian a "N-lover." According to reports from TMZ, Kanye West's fiancé, Kim Kardashian arrived with quite a following of paparazzi when the teenager started calling the horde of photographers, racist names.

Despite trying to "protect" the Kardashian from the paparazzi, Kim reprimanded the boy for him racist name calling. The eighteen-year-old then turned his attention to Kim Kardashian and started calling her racist names such as "F**k you N****r." 

Kim had told Kanye about what had happened and the rapper didn't take it quite well. The couple entered the chiropractor room and that was where Kanye had "punched" the kid. Reports say that the eighteen-year-old would want to press charges against West. TMZ has yet to provide an updated report regarding what had really happened during the alleged assault by Kanye.

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Kim and Kanye's wedding would be a summer wedding and it would certainly be televised on "Keeping Up With the Kardashians". Is Kim Kardashian going to televise her wedding beginning from the preparation to the event itself? The answer is a yes but others are saying that they would do this so that E!Online would be billed for the airing of Kim's second wedding-we all know how her first wedding went.

Momager, Kris Jenner would certainly be happy with the ratings a Kardashian-West wedding would rake in for them. As for now, Kim and Kanye are still keeping their wedding under wraps but sources have been telling that Kim really wants her Parisian wedding to be held in June, a summer wedding.

Fans of the show and those who are curious would most likely enjoy following the romance of the two.

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