Kim Kardashian Allegedly Snubs Vogue Editor Anna Wintour in her Game Kim Kardashian Hollywood

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Kim Kardashian has reportedly snubbed Vogue editor Anna Wintour by generating a look alike of her in her hugely successful video game "Kim Kardashian Hollywood." A Twitter user has posted a screenshot from Kim's game where a female who looks exactly like Anna Wintour is shown. The resemblance to Anna is uncanny as the female character in Kim's game happens to have same hairstyle as Anna has and dresses up in a similar manner too.Check it out here. 

Kim has reportedly named the Anna look-alike as Elizabeth Korkov and she too has a fashion background. Korkov has a clothing line and also has a persona allegedly resembling Anna. At one point she asks the player to choose between various options.  

"I'm at the Oak club and Elizabeth Korkov is angry that her clothing line is selling side by side with Misty Levin's. Do I chose "let me explain" or "you're overreacting"?" asks one of the gamer at Cheat Chapters.

"I was in the Oak club and Elizabeth Korkov asked me to choose between career and friendship . What should I choose and why?" asks another.

Apart from having her own fashion line, Korkov is also an editor of Muse fashion magazine, which has been called "best fashion magazine" doing fashion shows on various occasions, according to the character description in the game encyclopedia. Anna too is the editor of American Vogue and is involved in fashion shows.  

Various Web sites are suggesting that Kim Kardashian has reportedly snubbed Anna in her game because she chose to skip her and Kanye's Paris wedding. Anna was recently in news when she featured Kanye and Kim on the cover of Vogue magazine. She faced severe backlash from critics who went on to the extent of cancelling their magazine subscription after that.

However, Kim kardashian's game has been doing really well in terms of profits. The game, which is free to download on Google Play and Apple stores, is expected to make the reality star rich by a whopping $200 million in annual sales. "Kim Kardashian: Hollywood" has been named the second most-downloaded free game in Apple's U.S. App Store, says Bloomberg. Also it has been named as the third most-downloaded free game too. 

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