Kim Kardashian Admits Being Strict with Baby North Amidst Furor Over Baby's Pierced Ears

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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West arrive at the Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute Gala Benefit in New York
Kanye West and Kim Kardashian arrive at the Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute Gala Benefit celebrating the opening of "Charles James: Beyond Fashion" in Upper Manhattan, New York May 5, Reuters/Carlo Allegri

Now that North is officially a year old, Kim Kardashian has shared that the first year of taking care of Baby North has made her realise how strict of a parent she is. She is now more well-versed with her parenting style and she thinks she is quite strict with baby Nori, Mail Online reports. Despite being a strict mom however, Radar Online reports that Kim Kardashian knows it is not right to devote all her time to her husband and daughter as well as to her rigorous job as a reality star that she forgets to have time for herself. She also do not mind that people are criticizing her for giving Baby North pierced ears on her birthday.

"I am a strict mother," the newly-wed mother revealed to MailOnline at an event in Cannes, France. "I'm really fun and playful, but I'm really strict on nap time, and sleeping in her own crib," she says.

"And maybe on weekends, she [can] come and sleep in the bed with us. But ... I'm not crazy strict."

Despite being a fabulous parent, Kim does not plan to devote all her time to her baby or even to her work, because she thinks it is unhealthy. She rather have a sense of balance and have some time for herself, Radar Online reports.

"To prioritise is really important and you have to be an organized person to get it all done and make sure you have enough time for everyone - for my husband and my baby and for work; it's that simple, to prioritize and make some time for yourself," Kim tells Radar Online.

"So I make sure I do take time for myself: I have lunches with my girlfriends, and do things that are important. Sometimes I see a lot of my friends just get taken over by their kids and their life, and that's great, but if you don't spend a little bit of time - whether it's two hours a day, or one day a week to visit with your friends ... it really helps a lot," Kim adds.

When asked by Radar Online what she wants her baby to be in the future, or if she has an agenda panned out for Baby North, Kim said, "She's just turned one! I haven't thought too much more," she says. "I'm pretty good about living in the moment."

While Kim Kardashian may think she is a strict mom, critics are claiming that Kim is an unfit parent because she and Kanye presented Baby Nori diamond earrings and got the baby's ears pierced on her first birthday, Mail Online reports. In other cultures, this is hardly a big deal. But in America, which is Kim's country, this has snowballed into a big issue.

Kim does not care about the furore she has caused. On Instagram, she has posted a picture of Kanye West and baby Nori sleeping, gushing about her baby's magical day to the world as well as wishing her husband "Happy Father's Day."

The E! reality star posted, "This is what life is about! Our baby girl turned 1 today! We played so hard they passed out while we were watching the game! Happy Father's Day to the best daddy in the world!

'The way you love our daughter and protect her makes me filled with so much love! #BestDayEver #Twins #HappyFathersDay #HappyBirthday."

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