Kim Kardashian Accused Of Making Racial Slur While Commenting About French Montana

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In last week's episode of "Keeping Up With the Kardashians," Kim and Kourtney discussed their sister Khloe's new friends and new man French Montana. Kim commented that French, being Moroccan, is not what she believes is Khloe's type and online publication the Mirror has referred to Kim's comments as a racial slur.

In the opening sequence in the reality show, Kim and Kourtney are discussing Khloe and her recent activities and new friends when Kim brought up French Montana. Kourtney said that she has heard about him but only knows that he's a rapper and not much else.

 "He's just so not like her type - I thought she literally only liked black guys," said Kim after photos of the Moroccan rapper flashed on screen. The sisters discussed Khloe's secretive behaviour and the fact that they have been seeing photos of Khloe and French together online through Paparazzi photos as well as Instagram posts.

Throughout the episode, Kim and Kourtney attempted to get Khloe to dish the dirt to no avail. Kim succeeded in meeting French after she staked out her sister and surprised Khloe and French in a club where the rapper was hosting a party. Kim and French had a friendly chat after a tense first meeting because of Lamar Odom's presence. Kim didn't show any animosity towards the Moroccan rapper or any of his friends that would support any racist allegation. In fact, Kim said that Khloe's new friends were very friendly and accepting.

Khloe's most recent relationship was with former NBA player Lamar Odom. Kim commented that prior to Lamar, Khloe had only been going out with black guys. Kim, on the other hand has not had a strict preference when it comes to skin colour. One of her ex-husbands, Kris Humphries, also an NBA player, is Caucasian while current husband Kanye West is black.

In another episode of "Keeping Up With the Kardashians," racism was also brought up when Kim encountered some abuse on an airplane from Vienna who she said shouted at her that her baby is black and that she is with a black guy. On the same trip, Kim was confronted with a man in a black face jokingly calling himself Kanye.

Kim took the matter seriously and shared that Kanye had been talking to her about having to deal with racist behaviour all throughout his life. She reflected that having  a mixed race child has opened up her eyes to this kind of discrimination making it seem unlikely that she meant her comments towards French Montana to be derogatory.

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