Kim and Kanye West Eye NYC to Raise Their Family, Willing to Shell Out $21 Million for New Apartment

TV Personality Kim Kardashian and Rapper Kanye West Are Enjoying Their London Stay.File Photo/Reuters/Gonzalo Fuentes
Kim Kardashian is loving the weather and food of London. File Photo/Reuters/Gonzalo Fuentes

Now that their million-dollar wedding is over and baby North has already turned one, Kim and Kanye West are reportedly looking for a newer and bigger apartment in NYC for their family.  US magazine claims that Kim and Kanye believe Kanye's current house is too small. Kim, her sister, Kendall Jenner, and mom Kris Jenner were spotted checking out apartments on June 27.

"They are selling Kanye's apartment and looking to buy a new home here," the source tells Us Magazine. "Kanye's apartment on Mercer Street is only two bedrooms and now with the baby and the plan to have another soon, they need a bigger place."

According to E! Online, while the family and the real estate contractors tried to keep this news a secret, it was not easy to hide it from the paparazzi. This is why they just decided to spill the beans.

"Ok so we give up. Totally give up. We tried to keep it a secret for the longest time that we were working with @kimkardashian and Kanye but it was impossible as there were like one hundred photographers outside each of our listings and now the photos are everywhere," he captioned a photo collage on Instagram.

"I'm glad my brother @siggeeklund and my business partner @johngomes got to hang out with them and sell them some real estate and that Kim and Mr West are big fans of my show."

Money is not an issue. E! Online claimed that Kris, Kim and Kendall on June 27 went to view a $21,000,000 apartment marketed by Ivanka Trump and her architect husband Jared Kushner in the Puck Building, which is situated on Lafayette Street in SoHo.

While there is still no confirmed decision that they will move to New York, the news that the famous family is set to get a bigger place came after news broke out that Kanye West plans to install an in-house hospital in their current residence to keep Kim and North safe and healthy. It remains to be seen if such an in-house hospital design will be incorporated into their new New York apartment.

"the special suite will include an X-ray machine, CT scanner, ultrasound and blood-taking facilities," shared a source to Daily Star.

"The facilities will enable the family to monitor their sugar levels, cholesterol and blood pressure. They will also have a team of private doctors around the clock, daily visits from top nurses and a full paediatric team for North."

Kanye's plan follows that of Madonna's, who has taken similar measures in the past, but not on such a grand and costly scale that Kanye's plan entails.

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