Kim Dotcom Vows to Drop 'Bombshell' on New Zealand Election Eve

New Zealand's Prime Minister John Key Smiles After the General Election in Auckland.
IN PHOTO: New Zealand's Prime Minister John Key smiles after the general election in Auckland November 26, 2011.

New Zealand-based Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom has announced he will "drop a political bombshell" on the eve of the country's general election.

According to reports, Dotcom said he will prove Prime Minister John Key has been "lying."

The German Internet tycoon revealed his plans on 3News during the first day of the Internet Mana party's road trip campaign on July 15. He said he will be in a Town Hall event in Auckand on Sept. 15 and invited everyone to come to hear his revelations.

According to Internet Party leader Laila Harre, she did not know the details of Dotcom's announcement but said Dotcom's residency claims are based on that alleged evidence.

She said she doesn't know the truth but expressed her distrust on the government. Harre called for a Royal Commission to be formed to investigate the issue.

The New Zealand Herald had recently revealed documents containing information that the Security Intelligence Service had tried to block the residency application of Dotcom but later on relented after being told there was "political pressure" to let him enter the country.

Meanwhile, Labour Associate Security and Intelligence spokesman Grant Robertson said Dotcom's announcement was good "marketing ploy" for his Internet Mana party. He added it will be "interesting" to see what will happen on the date Dotcom was expected to reveal his evidence.

Dotcom launched the Internet Party in January to advocate for a focus on Internet privacy and government surveillance. As a German native, Dotcom cannot run in New Zealand because he is not a citizen. According to reports, he has donated NZ$250,000 to the Internet Party.

Previously, Dotcom wrote on Twitter that they were getting "ready for an awesome campaign." The Internet Party aims to "weave an awesome future" for New Zealand.

Mr Key has accused Dotcom of "buying influence" and said he had nothing in common with Harawira and Harre. The prime minister said Dotcom might just be trying to place politicians to help him block his extradition. Dotcom is facing extradition to the US for charges of copyright infringement and racketeering.

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