Kim Dotcom Rallies NZ Young Crowd Who Chanted 'F*** you John Key!'

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Kim Dotcom speaks during an interview with Reuters in Auckland
Kim Dotcom speaks during an interview with Reuters in Auckland January 19, 2013. REUTERS

New Zealand's internet-Mana  party has posted a video on Youtube with web tycoon and Internet Party founder Kim Dotcom rallying a young crowd which showed them chanting, "F*** John Key."

The video was published last weekend on the party's official YouTube account. Dotcom can be seen in the video talking to a crowd of students at the Internet-Mana's "Party-Party" which was held in Christchurch.

He asked the crowd if they were ready for a "revolution" and "extradite" Prime Minister John Key to remove him from government. The crowd then erupts in shouts of "F*** John Key."

In the description posted with the video, it read: "The spontaneous chanting from the crown said it all. They too want to Change the Government."

Party leader Laila Harre said she was completely "comfortable" with the video. She told reporters she will not repress the "direct form of expression" shown by young voters in the video. When asked if she condones the behaviour, she said she wouldn't chant the same thing but she was not about to stop the youth from expressing themselves.

Harre declared that the video is only a reflection of the younger Kiwis' reaction to the current leadership. She said young people are "angry" at the government.

The former Megaupload founder facing extradition to the U.S., is confident his Internet Mana Party will get 5 per cent of the votes in New Zealand's upcoming election in September. According to reports, Dotcom's political party is predicted to appeal to the young and first-time voters.

He has announced he will "drop a political bombshell" on the eve of the country's general election. He said he will be in a Town Hall event in Auckand on Sept. 15 and invited everyone to come to hear his revelations.

The NZ Herald had recently revealed documents containing information that the Security Intelligence Service had tried to block the residency application of Dotcom but later on relented after being told there was "political pressure" to let him enter the country.

Meanwhile, Labour Associate Security and Intelligence spokesman Grant Robertson said Dotcom's announcement was good "marketing ploy" for his Internet Mana party. He added it will be "interesting" to see what will happen on the date Dotcom was expected to reveal his evidence.

WATCH the video clip HERE.

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