Kim Dotcom Quits Mega; Will Focus on Other Projects, Legal Battles & Political Aspiration

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Kim Dotcom seems to have a few more surprises up his sleeves. After his tweet about plans to launch a political party in New Zealand - a leak which he attributed to "whistleblower"- picked up storm, it is now known that he quit as director of Mega, the cloud hosting service that he launched with much fanfare in Jan 2013, after his previous file sharing venture Megaupload was shut down in a U.S. driven operation, following allegations of mass copyright infringement and money laundering.

Media reports say, the flamboyant internet entrepreneur decided to quit his position in Mega, to find time for other projects, including ongoing legal battles and his, recently revealed, political aspirations.

Reports say, Dotcom resigned as director of Mega on Aug 29. Hong Kong-based, Bonnie Lam was appointed in his place the same day.  Meanwhile, Tony Lentino and Mathias Ortmann continue to be on Mega's board.

Mega, with its headquarters in Auckland is termed as one of the most prominent tech launches this year. It was launched in Jan 2013, to coincide with the first anniversary of the seizure of Megaupload, his previous venture. The site grew to over a million members in a matter of weeks and has continued to expand its user base.

Dotcom's resignation comes at a time, when the company has big plans to expand its business.

Reports also say, in a few months, Dotcom is set to launch a new music service. TorrentFreak had reported that, with the launch of his music service, Dotcom hopes to put major music labels out of business.

The report said, Dotcom promises to shift the balance of power away from multi-billion dollar corporations to the artists who actually make the music.

Although the music service was formerly known as Megabox, Dotcom, dropped the name for a better one, which is yet to be revealed.

He is reported to have said, that unlike his other projects, he will not be using the "Mega" brand for the new music service.

Apart from the music venture and his political aspirations, Dotcom will also focus on the legal battles he faces for Megaupload. He along with several of his Megaupload colleagues are fighting extradition request from the United States, where they are wanted for several alleged crimes.

The U.S. has charged, Dotcom and his Megaupload colleagues with mass copyright infringement and money laundering of more than US$500 million.

Dotcom's extradition hearing is currently scheduled for November this year, but may be pushed to April 2014 because legal arguments on a number of issues have complicated the case.

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