Kim Dotcom Denies Hacking Blogger Emails, Accuses Slater of Acting in Behalf of NZ National Party

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Kim Dotcom speaks during an interview with Reuters in Auckland
Kim Dotcom speaks during an interview with Reuters in Auckland January 19, 2013. REUTERS

Web tycoon based in New Zealand has denied accusations that he was involved in hacking a blogger's site earlier in 2014. In a statement, Dotcom said Whale Oil blogger Cameron Slater's insinuations were designed to "deflect" the people's attention from his "dirty political behaviour."

Dotcom, who is the founder of Internet Party that has formed an alliance with Mana, said Slater may be shifting the focus away from his own "dirty dealings" in behalf of the National Party.

The former Megaupload founder has repeatedly said he had nothing to do with the alleged hacking of the blogger's website. He also said he was not the source of Nicky Hager's recently released book Dirty Politics which contains Prime Minister John Key's alleged involvement in scheming against discrediting the opposition.

Hager told TVNZ that he Dotcom was "absolutely categorically" not involved with any of the information in the book.

Dotcom posted on Twitter that Slater was "wrong" and called him a "right wing conspiracy theorist. Slater had lashed out at Dotcom and posted screenshots of his text messages between the Internet party founder and his former security manager Wayne Tempero.

Slater wrote that someone had hacked his emails in February and mentioned other people whose emails were accessed without permission and offices broken into. He said although, he doesn't have proof, he has a "bunch of dots" to connect.

Slater posted screenshots of texts allegedly from Dotcom which he sent to Tempero. The text read, "Wayne, I know what's coming. I want to offer you a friendly way out. It's going to get ugly. You don't want to be on the wrong side. You know me. Let's have a chat. Kim."

In another screenshot, Dotcom's alleged text message said that he has collected evidence and paid professionals to find the information he needs.

Dotcom is a German national based in New Zealand and faces extradition to the U.S. over copyright infringement and money-laundering charges. He has asked the courts to "force" government agencies to turn over information held against him. 

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