'Killing Floor 2' Not a Rumour Anymore; Official Details and More [WATCH PROMO]

Tripwire Interactive officially announced "Killing Floor 2," a sequel to their first Killing Floor installment that was released in 2009. The rumours about KF 2's accidental leak in Steam's official webpage is now made a reality, and the game could hit the market shelves before the end of the year.

Killing Floor is a co-op survival horror First Person Shooting (FPS) video game that revolves around the disarrayed locations of England. Players will arm themselves with different perks (character classes), and weapons to exterminate hordes of zombie-like specimens.

During the five years of Killing Floor being played, Tripwire and other international gaming servers have tweaked the game to make it more enjoyable and exciting. One Russian KF server even had the perks reach 18 levels (originally six), and maximize 30 players in one game. Tripwire also had constant updates for seasonal events that sometimes visually changed the appearances of the zombies.

In Killing Floor 2, long-time KF players will have a new massive zombie-eradication game to enjoy. KF 2 will take place in continental Europe, when a deadly outbreak has spread and caused the whole country in chaos. "Set just a month after the events of the original Killing Floor, Killing Floor 2 drops players into a world where society is in total disarray. Communications are down, governments have collapses, and military forces are nowhere to be seen," Tripwire says, in a report from GameSpot.

Just like the first Killing Floor, the players are given the task to eliminate every last bit of the zombies to gory smithereens. Killing Floor 2 has added new features for a more exciting killing experience.

"Visceral Gore" - Tripwire has developed better and almost real-life animation to the specimens. The game also boasts of a new "high-powered" blood system that's going to make the laceration and spatter of zombie flesh gorier than before.

Six-player co-op and Perk System - Again players can team-up in fighting continuous waves of specimens. According to Tripwire, the game will also introduce new perks or character classes. The original Perk system has been revamped, complementing the various specific play styles and techniques of players.

New Enemies - The game will introduce new specimens to kill, along with the reemergence of the original KF favorites like the Scrake, and the Flesh Pound - now with better and smarter AI.

Weapons - Aside from new modernistic weapons, Tripwire proudly announces that the game will feature close-to-reality gun and weapon functions. Tripwires game developers say their realistic format for KF 2 will be the new front runner of FPS games.

Melee combat - There will be more to chopping weaker zeds' heads off and axe-stunning Scrakes in the new sequel. Killing Floor 2 has reinvented the melee combat. More details about the change in melee will be announced later.

CREDIT: gamespot/YouTube

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