Killer Whales Hunting Sea Lions Captured in Canada, YouTube Video Goes Viral

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Young children are fascinated by whales and Migaloo has got everyone's attention currently. Children are getting a close-up view of an Orca killer whale in the animal theme park Sea World in California March 19, 2014

A dramatic video captured by a fisherman in Canada shows a pod of killer whales hunting sea lions. The YouTube video has gone viral as the footage recorded seems to be quite a rare one.

The incident took place near Prince Rupert, British Columbia. Travis Twizell was on a holiday with his family. The family that was in a boat was observing humpback whales. Additionally, they also notice some sea lions. When they decided to have a closer look, a pod of killer whales appeared out of nowhere and headed for the sea lions.

The family was able to record the unbelievable incident which happened only inches away from their boat. The terrified sea lions apparently remained closer to the boat, which - they might have presumed - would distract the whales, The Telegraph reported. The tourists could only silently witness one of the most dangerous predators in the world picking off tired sea lions just in front of them. According to Mr Twizell, the incident was "an incredibly impressive thing to witness."

Mr Twizell uploaded the video on YouTube on March 20, and within a few days, the video grabbed the attention of viewers. The video became viral as it has already been watched for more than 450,000 times. The video shows the family in in a boat that was travelling in deep water. When the aquatic giants appeared, the family sounded quite excited. The sea lions appeared desperate to save themselves but did not seem to fight strong enough against the whales which were gigantic.

Even though one of the sea lions was apparently caught by the whales, the rest of them might have survived, at least for the moment. The video comes at maximum 720p resolution, which is decent. If the resolution was higher, the action could have been a better treat to watch. However, the family on a holiday should not be blamed for not expecting such a phenomenon to be a part of the holiday experience. They are sure to cherish it for the rest of their lives.

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