Killer of NFL Star Player Adrian Peterson's 2-Year-Old Son Convicted of Second-Degree Murder

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Adrian Peterson of the National Football League's (NFL) Minnesota Vikings recently lost his 2-year-old son. TMZ initially reported that Peterson's son was harshly abused by the lover of the child's mother. The child was brought to the nearest hospital, but later on, succumbed to the severe injuries that the beating has caused.

Apparently, the person who allegedly hurt Peterson's son was accused with second-degree murder, as reported by TMZ. The suspect, Joseph Patterson, was also charged with 2 counts of first-degree manslaughter, aggravated battery of an infant, and felony child abuse. According to the charges, Patterson deliberately injured the child, causing brain damage and bleeding of the skull from blows, shaking, and hitting the child's head with a hard object.

Patterson has already a history of domestic and child abuse, according to New York Daily News. He was previously given restraining orders for the last nine years.

Tim Rensch, who represents Patterson, has already stated that his client is not guilty. If Patterson is found guilty of the crime, he could face a life-long sentence in jail.

Patterson is the lover of the child's mother. He was supposed to take care of the child while the mother was away when the tragic incident happened.

There is nothing worse than hurting an innocent child. If the charges are real, the police authorities should lock him up before Patterson hurts someone else.

Peterson only learned that he was the father of the child about a couple of months ago before the boy died. Peterson was working things out with the boy's mother to set up a meeting when he found out that his son was confined to the hospital because of severe injuries. Peterson instantly flew to South Dakota to be with his son, and this was the first time that the NFL player has actually seen the boy.

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