Killer LG G3 Boosts LG’s Spectacular Q2 Revenue; With G3, LG has Set a New Standard for Smartphones


South Korea's LG surprised everyone with the G3 smartphone that comes bundled with killer features and impressive under the hood performance. It is worth mentioning that the G3 was released in the same quarter as the much-hyped Samsung Galaxy S5. However, the LG G3 held its own when the run-of-the-mill Galaxy S5 was expected to rule the roost. According to recent earnings report, LG has posted excellent quarterly revenue owing to the impressive smartphone sales.

The company reported its Q2 results on Thursday posting a quarterly net profit of $400 million on revenue. This includes all LG units with a grand total of $14.9 billion, according to BGR.

According to LG, the mobile unit sales growth surged 16% to $3.5 billion. This is mainly due to the impressive shipment number from sales that totalled at 14.5 million smartphone units. Nevertheless, the company did not reveal the number specific to LG G3 handsets shipped thus far. But then, LG acknowledged that a huge percentage of the successful quarterly results should be attributed to the G3 and the earned reputation across the globe.

July Release Date Update

Even though the G3 was released in June, the handset hit the store shelves only in selected markets. From the beginning of July, the phone has made landfall in many regions across the globe. In specific, the U.S. markets saw a mid-July release. T-Mobile has started offering this handset from July 16, while Verizon and Sprint started offering from July 17, and July 18 respectively. Furthermore, AT&T started offering LG G3 from July 11, according to 9To5Google. In addition to the network carriers, online retailers like Amazon and eBay are also offering this handset.

Keys Specifications of LG G3

The LG G3 comes with a whopping 5.5 inches display with 2,560 x 1,440 (Quad HD) resolution. Interestingly, the company offers two different combinations of RAM and in-built memory for G3 buyers. The phones is powered by a quad-core (Qualcomm Snapdragon 801) Krait 400 processor, clocked at 2.5 GHz and it comes with a 2 GB of RAM (if opted for 16 GB of storage) and a 3 GB of RAM (If opted for 32 GB of storage). Nevertheless, not all markets will be offering both the RAM/memory combinations.

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