‘Kids React To’ Viral Videos: Fine Bros. and Kids who Spoke on NSW Bullying Get an Emmy [VIDEO]

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Benny and Rafi Fine won the Emmy for best viral video series on June 23 for their "Kids React To" YouTube series. The “Best Viral Video Series Award” was given in cooperation with AOL.

The Fine brothers are the creative duo behind YouTube account user "TheFineBros." They have 1.4 million subscribers who have registered nearly 300 million views since 2007.

The "Kids React To" series features kids and teens reacting to viral videos, in a manner that is reminiscent of 'Kids Say the Darndest Things.'

One of their hit videos features the kids' perspective on bullying. The kids were made to watch an actual bullying clip that was taken at a New South Wales school in March last year. The video, now with nearly three million views, was uploaded in October, the "National Bullying Prevention Month."

The 'Kids React To' series is typically entertaining and funny, with expressive and articulate kids reacting to pop culture icons, like Harry Potter and other modern-day popular figures. At times, however, the videos the kids react to border on deeply sensitive issues, such as bullying.

Kids react to bullying

The kids appear to be visibly shocked and affected by the bullying clip playing in front of them. They admit to being bullied in the past. They have different views on how the bullied could have reacted during the incident. They also discussed cyberbullying.

"That was some pretty serious bullying," said Jake, 12 years old.

"They're supposed to tell the teacher. Tell the principal. Tell someone," said 9-yr-old Marlhy, who insists the bullied kid should not fight back.

Kids React: Message to bullies

"(Your) family might be dysfunctional, but everything should be okay when you go to school. That should be your happy place. You shouldn't be picking on other people," said Lia, 14.

Viewers' Comments

"Dude that kid who told the story is great! It is very smart and eloquent! The koala girl has a very good opinion to everything. I mean all those kids are faboulous, makes think we have a good future asides (sic)" - 665Iron

"I want everybody to remember this video when they see somebody getting bullied, because all the advice given on here was good advice! Especially the one that said "Trick Question!" to the 'should you fight back question!' You have the right to fight back, but you should also get an adult involved, especially of you aren't the one being bullied!" - KlaineLover1125

From YouTube to TV

The Fine brothers expressed confidence in the kids' ability to react sensibly to the more serious issues. In fact, they are now looking into the possibility of bringing their videos to the television, Mashable reported.

"We'd love for a TV version to bring people of all ages together to watch a show that is meaningful and will get people talking and embracing having opinions and communication with one another, which we feel is important in entertainment today," Rafi told Mashable.

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