Kids Have Spoken: Selena Gomez is Their Favourite Female Singer

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The kids have spoken. They want Selena Gomez over Taylor Swift as their Favourite Female Singer. Will this be another factor that can add fire to their feud? Can their icy feud become even icier? The fans of their friendship hope not, they were too heartbroken that the two have to go separate ways just because of Justin Bieber already. Certainly, they don't want their hopes of them becoming best friends again dashed just an award. Selena Gomez deserved the win though, as the kids themselves have voted for her.

Selenators apparently triumphed over the Swifities during the 2014 Kids' Choice Awards on March 29, as their love for their idol translates into Gomez winning the coveted orange blimp for Favourite Female Singer. The "Come and Get It" singer certainly left an impression on her kid fans over Swift and the other nominees.

Selena Gomez was so liked she even avoided getting slimed when she went up onstage to receive her award. As usual, Gomez was pretty and gorgeous, gracious and cheery when she thanked her fans in an emotional acceptance speech.

"You guys have been the most loyal, dedicated people in my life because you continuously every year bless me with the opportunity to do what I love," Selena said. "Thank you and this is for you."

Now that the kids have made their choice, hopefully Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift will not take this as a sign that they should continue fighting with each other. Fans of their friendship cannot help but wonder what Swift's reaction will be on Gomez's win if they were not fighting. There will have been a lot of hugs and jumping up and down for sure and fans would see how cute they are together.

However, because of their feud, fans are deprived of seeing their favorite girls being happy for each other. After all, both of them are too talented and pretty to be fighting. Taylor even called Selena the closest thing she has for a singer. But everything changed when Swift issued an ultimatum for Gomez to stop seeing Bieber and Gomez chose Bieber instead of Swift. Bieber did not do anything to alleviate the situation, calling Swift jealous and envious. Gomez added fuel to the fire by calling Swift petty for being childish about her reconciliation with Bieber.

"They did not leave it on good terms - it's very icy," Hollywood Life reports. "They both decided they need space."

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