Kian Egan of Westlife Claims One Direction Will Split Up: 'One Direction would be fools to throw it away'

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If there is one person in the boy band category that knows a lot about bonds and break-ups, it would be none other than Kian Egan of Westlife. In his latest interview, the former member of the 90's hit boy band speaks up about the inevitable end of One Direction. According to Kian, the boys of 1D are just going to "throw it away."

Rumours of the One Direction boy band splitting up have flooded the web for months. All thanks to Harry Styles' latest antics of constantly being away from the band and hanging out with different singers and songwriters, reports claim he'll soon be leaving the band to pursue a solo career.

Yet, Harry Styles isn't the only one to blame for such reports. According to Kian Egan of Westlife, the boys of 1D don't pretty much have a bond that could eventually lead to a big split in the end.

"I watch them and they don't seem to have this bond as tight as we had in Westlife - especially as they've only been together three or four years," stated Egan in an interview with Metro, adding, "One Direction would be fools to throw it away, absolute fools - and I get the feeling they will."

Egan has just stated the obvious after reports that the boys of One Direction admitted to having lost contact with each other for three months since their break from the tour.

"First time we have all been together for a while now! lookin forward to seeing the lads ! #BRITs2014," tweeted Horan.

In addition, rumours of a split went rampant after Harry was said to have hung out with singer and songwriter John Legend. The British singer also spent four million dollars on an LA mansion. Could this perhaps be the first move to get away from the limelight of 1D?

"Directioners" hope not. However, in the midst of the split rumours, Harry Styles was spotted with fellow band mate, Liam Payne. The boys headed out for dinner with a lucky fan who won the Trekstock competition. Check out the photos of the boys here.

Hopefully, the boys "bond" even more and that the inevitable split is unlikely to happen.

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