Khloe Kardashian Thinks Lamar Odom is a Stalker, Might File A Restraining Order

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Lamar Odom has turned from the sweet NBA star who wants to reconcile with his wife to a creepy stalker in Khloe's books. Lamar Odom showing up in the same club that she and French Montana were made her think Lamar is stalking her and making her debate whether she should take a restraining order against him, according to Hollywood Life.

Khloe Kardashian has really moved on from her husband, especially after she met French Montana and started to date him. Khloe is willing to start a family with French Montana so she wants all ties with Lamar Odom cut. Even though their divorce is yet to be finalised, a reconciliation is not something Khloe is thinking of anymore.  Reports however claimed that Lamar Odom has not moved on at the same extent as his ex-wife and is still hoping that he can convince Khloe of a second chance. This is why, on a date with French Montana, seeing Lamar Odom on the same area made Khloe think the worst of Lamar.

Needless to say, Khloe Kardashian was certainly not elated to see her former husband, outside of the same club that she and French Montana set their date on.

"She was shaking her head in disbelief as she was walking up the long staircase to get inside the club. She couldn't believe he was there," Hollywood Life reports. According to the source of Hollywood Life, Khloe shares that she thinks Lamar is stalking her. "French Montana is well-known here and he and the club publicized he would be there - I'm certain Lamar knew that," the source of this bit news shared to Hollywood Life.

According to Hollywood Life, the incident may have spooked Khloe a bit, but it certainly did not ruin her date night with French.

"She saw Lamar from her car was like WTF but didn't speak to him. It was very much awkward but by the time she was inside, she'd already dusted the whole thing off," the source of Hollywood Life explained. 

It has been reported earlier by TMZ that the clubowner did not allow Lamar Odom to enter the club premises so that no confrontation between  Lamar and French can happen.

As a result of the incident, Khloe is thinking of getting a restraining order against Lamar.

"She's a very loving woman but Lamar can get crazy at times and even though she loves him, she's not opposed to having a restraining order against him. She doesn't want to hurt his feelings or send over the ledge but he cannot do things like that," Hollywood Life claims. "It could have gotten real ugly, real fast." 

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