Khloe Kardashian Reunited with Lamar Odom after OD Rumours? Star’s Love Greater than Troubles NBA Player Brought in Marriage

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Khloe Kardashian may have been wishing she’s “made of steel” after third mistress spoke out, claiming she’s Lamar Odom’s first girlfriend, ever. But the former X-Factor USA host sure proves she’s nothing but steel when she’s the first person to be panic-stricken following news that her husband of four years OD’s on cocaine and other substance abuse.

One can visualize Khloe as a worried sick wife of Lamar and like in movies, she was pacing back and forth as she was making numerous phone calls to Lamar when she heard the news that the former Lakers’ player overdosed on drugs. Her heart racing to the umpteenth level imaginable, panicking Khloe was reportedly unable to reach the troubled Clippers player and only his voicemail would receive her every time she would dial his number.

Feeling helpless, Khloe then allegedly turned to Lamar’s friends to find out about how he’s doing. But even his friends were in the dark of what’s really going on and had no idea if indeed things had turned for the worst for the NBA star.

Until, Lamar picked up and assured her that the OD news were just rumours.

Subsequent reports sparked reunion of the celebrity couple. They have been living separately since the cheating scandals and drug use. Khloe apparently kicked Lamar out of their marital mansion in Los Angeles. The OD incident has however, allowed them to get “reconnected,” said PerezHilton.

E! Online has a different take on the incident. A source has been quoted by the celebrity news website, noting Khloe giving Lamar an ultimatum.

 "Khloé gave Lamar an ultimatum: If he didn't get help, she'd end the marriage," the source explained, according to E!. "So far, he's ignoring her. The situation can still turn around, but at this point, divorce seems imminent."

Their marriage has been on the rocks in recent months, not only because of Lamar’s substance abuse but also his womanizing spree. A can of worms of the NBA player’s mistresses have recently spoken out and three women have already been named Lamar was having affairs with while married to Khloe. insisted that the youngest of the Kardashian beauties wants nothing but for things to fall into place for Lamar and their marriage. Despite all the trouble he’s put her through, Khloe appeared to be unfazed and working so hard to help Lamar. “This scare certainly reinforced how much Khloe loves and cares for Lamar, but it wasn’t enough to make her back down on her ultimatum — that Lamar can’t come home until he gets rehab treatment — TMZ reports.”

And Khloe has been protective of Lamar, added HL. She’s remained steadfast not to incorporate Lamar’s drug use in the story lines for the family’s reality show, “Keeping Up with the Kardashians.”

“Kris and Khloe are fighting over whether or not to include Lamar’s drug problems on Keeping Up with the Kardashians,” a source was quoted as telling HL.

The source added, “Khloe is 100 percent against it, and Kris is all for it. It’s so sad for Khloe right now because her number one priority is helping Lamar get clean.”

While Lamar was charged with DUI by the authorities, Khloe still wears her $850,000 wedding ring, which is subject to equal distribution between her and Lamar should divorce becomes the only option for the reality star.

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