Khloe Kardashian Makes Lamar 'Furious' Because She's so Over Him, the Basketball Athlete 'Unimpressed' She Has Moved on

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Khloe Kardashian sure knows how to tell the world she has completely moved on from her failed marriage with Lamar Odom. Khloe's recent escapades with a number of guys, and now with French Montana, suggests that she is not willing to go back with Lamar under any circumstances, which could also be the reason why the basketball athlete has finally decided to work out his reply on the divorce case that Khloe has filed in December.

According to Us Weekly via Independent Online, Lamar is apathetic that Khloe seemed to have stopped loving him and decided to meet new people. She's pretty much vexing her toughest to go back to the way she was before she met Lamar.

"Her estranged husband, 34, is 'unimpressed' that she has moved on already," wrote the Independent Online.

Another source told US Weekly magazine that Lamar is frantic about Khloe's so-called friendly dates with new guys. "He thinks Khloe is just doing this to get to him. He's furious," revealed the source.

The Kardashians Do Not Like French

There were some rejections about Khloe's hooking up with French. The 29-year-old reality TV star's mother, Kris Jenner, is apparently not in favour of the budding relationship between the two. She thinks French is bad for Khloe. Moreover, Khloe's older sister, Kim, has also warned her not to get to close with French, but the youngest Kardashian couldn't care less because an insider told that she is totally into French. She is seemingly having so much fun with the singer-rapper.

The insider further dissed that, at the moment, Khloe hasn't got the slightest idea how their relationship would turn. "He treats her amazingly, that makes her feel really good." Khloe might be having so much fun with French at the moment but she has gotten a lot wiser now and she feels there is no need to rush into things so she's taking it one step at a time.

Busy Time for Lamar

Anyway, Lamar has something to keep himself busy instead of making his mind go crazy thinking about Khloe all the time. He was recently signed by the New York Knicks. Thus, in the meantime, Lamar can focus his mind on playing basketball. Hopefully, his game wouldn't get affected by the dilemmas he is currently suffering in his personal life.

More Dates for Khloe and French

Khloe was again spotted with French on two separate occasions, on April 19 and 20, the Hollywood Life reported. The onlookers said that Khloe and French were all over each other. "The flirting was 1000% there but no kissing, they were just super cute, like he poured all her drinks and she touched his leg," reveals an eyewitness.

It is going to be interesting how Khloe's relationship with French is going to turn out. Do you think that they still need to make an official announcement?

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