Khloe Kardashian: ‘I don’t want to be size zero’ [PHOTOS]

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Among the Kardashian's it is probably Khloe who stands more true and that is why she receives more positive feedbacks from people. But although she looks larger in height and weight than her two sisters, Khloe admits that she doesn't want to be a size zero.

In a world like that of Hollywood, size is definitely an issue. Now, although Khloe Kardashian doesn't technically come off as fat, compared to her sisters, she definitely has more bulk. Often criticized for her larger frame, Khloe said that she doesn't intend to be a size zero.

In their cover for Cosmopolitan magazine, Khloe reveals her struggles with her fluctuating weight. She also adds that although she has no desire to be a size zero, she does get a bit insecure about her figure from time to time.

"It isn't easy. My weight fluctuates, like any normal girl, and I have times when I feel insecure. So if I come under scrutiny at one of those times, then I might get really down on myself. But the next day, I might be like, 'Oh, f**k off, I'm so much better than that,'" she said on the December issue of the glossy magazine.

"I have moments of weakness, but mostly I brush the criticism off... Who cares if I'm not a size zero? I don't want to be. I love my body; I'm healthy, I work out. But I also enjoy life... the more scrutiny I am under, the more confident I become. I am who I am. I can't do anything about it, and I love who I am," Khloe added.

Apart from launching their collection for Dorothy Perkin's line, Khloe also had a successful X Factor debut on live television. The reality star stood alongside Mario Lopez as hosts for Simon Cowell's talent show.

But it wasn't her hosting skills that created a media frenzy. Khloe happened to have an unfortunate nip flash that caused a stir on social media sites like Twitter. Mrs. Odom just laughed about the incident and quickly brushed it off.

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