Khloe Kardashian Got Tested For STDs After Learning Lamar Odom Cheated On Her With 50 Women [VIDEOS]

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Khloe Kardashian got herself tested for sexually transmitted diseases after assuring that husband Lamar Odom had cheated on her with as many as 50 women.

Khloe "was physically sick to her stomach when Lamar admitted that not only had he cheated on her, but didn't use protection 100 percent of the time. Lamar refused to admit to how many women it was, but Khloe knew it was at least five different women in the past year."

"Khloe knew she had to go to the doctor, and was tested for a full range of sexually transmitted diseases. She is healthy, thankfully, but never thought this would happen to her. It's bad enough that Lamar betrayed their marriage vows, but to place her health in jeopardy is just disgusting."

"Khloe recognized that there was no way she could have a baby with Lamar at this point in their marriage. She can't trust him, and refuses to bring an innocent life into the world under these circumstances." a source told

In the couple's prenuptial agreement there is a clause that states the terms of their financial agreement will change if there is proof of cheating so Khloe has hired a private detective to spy on and collect proof of her husband's infidelity and she finally has all the evidences of Lamar's infidelity. Three of those women with whom lamar was cheating on Khloe are:

1. Polina Polonsky

2. Jennifer Richardson

3. Sandy Schultz

 "Khloe has not only photographic proof that Lamar cheated on her with at least five different women, but has copies of text messages between Lamar and the other women," "She is a very smart woman and knew she had to get the proof because of the infidelity clause in their prenup."

This whole cheating episode could result in Odom paying a huge amount to Khloe, a "very large lump sum of cash, or a very hefty spousal support" if the couple does end up divorcing," a source told

Odom has been linked with many women other than Polina Polonsky , Jennifer Richardson and Sandy Schultz.

"Khloe' s head is spin­ning trying to calculate just how many times Lamar cheated on her,"

"She fears that every time Lamar was out of her sight, he may have turned to other women for companionship."

Odom even broke the fundamental rule of cheating and boasted about it in ludicrous style.

"Lamar bragged to pals that he was even more virile than his idol - serial cheater Tiger Woods,"

"By Khloe's estimation, Lamar may have hooked up with at least one woman every week he was travelling - some 50 women." As reported by the National Enquirer.

As Lamar Odom has broken all the infidelity records the couple is heading towards a divorce for sure.

Watch the video of Lamar Odom Cheating scandal below:

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