Khloe Kardashian & French Montana's Share Explosive Sexual Chemistry: Lamar Odom Doesn't Care Anymore

Television personality Khloe Kardashian walks past photographers in Paris May 20, 2014.
Television personality Khloe Kardashian walks past photographers in Paris May 20, 2014. U.S. television personality Kim Kardashian and rapper Kanye West will celebrate their wedding in Florence on May 24, an official from the mayor's office confirmed last Friday.

After going through an emotional turmoil post separation from NBA Player Lamar Odom, Khloe Kardashian seems to have found a perfect partner in French Montana, as per the reports. It is being understood that the chemistry between the couple is explosive so much so that Khloe feels like a princess in the rapper's company. Moreover, the couple share a strong intimacy, as per the reports.

"The sexual connection between Khloe and French Montana is explosive, like fireworks. They are both very affectionate and adventuresome with each other. French is out to please in every way possible," an insider told

It is also being said that it is not only the intimacy but the alleged couple also connects at many other level especially spiritual.

"It doesn't hurt that they also have a really strong spiritual connection. They talk a lot about their spiritual beliefs and practices and are both very open-minded," a source told the Web site, adding, "Their chemistry is off the charts. There's never a dull moment between them."

Though the couple has not said anything about their alleged love affair, they did sort off stepped out in public together at the Much Music Awards in Toronto, Canada on June15.

"[They] came in with an entourage and Khloe was in front being escorted in with French's hand on her back. They were cozy and laughing together all night, popping bottles and clearly enjoying each other's company," an eyewitness further told the Web site.

Meanwhile, rumours also suggest that Lamar Odom is also dating another woman after separating from Khloe Kardashian. According to Wetpaint, after dating  a bevy of brunette beauties, Lamar has found a new girlfriend with whom he is keeping the things discreet.

Also, Odom is not happy about Khloe dating French. "Lamar is busy with training and is concentrating on his own life," says a source to US Weekly (via Hollywoodlife). "At first he was pissed about French Montana, but now he doesn't care."

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