Khloe Kardashian Does't Care about Family's Opinion of French Montana, Parties on with Boyfriend

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Television Personality Khloe Kardashian Leaves an Apartment Building in Paris
Television personality Khloe Kardashian leaves an apartment building in Paris May 20, 2014. U.S. television personality Kim Kardashian and rapper Kanye West will celebrate their wedding in Florence on May 24, an official from the mayor's office confirmed last Friday. REUTERS

Notwithstanding her family's opinions of her current boyfriend, French Montana, Khloe Kardashian is still hooked.

According to Radar Online, Khloe was spotted out and about with French Montana even though she was already warned that French just might be using her for her fame. Khloe was spotted on Montana's 30-minute set at La Marina bar and lounge in New York's Inwood Neighborhood on June 14. Later on, they were spotted being cosy with each other and holding hands.

Khloe Kardashian may already be a big girl now who can make her own decisions, but her family is reportedly not going to sit by and let her be fooled and controlled by someone who wants her for her fame. According to Celebrity Dirty Laundry, French Montana has Khloe Kardashian eating from the palm of his hands, with Khloe satisfying all his whims and wants. Khloe's family cannot be any more worried. Khloe may be a softie for French, but she's headstrong against her own family. Even though U.S. Weekly already reported Kim Kardashian and Bruce Jenner warned Khloe against French Montana, Khloe will not listen.

Radar Online claimed the two spent some quality time on June 14 because of Montana's gig. 

"Khloe and French arrived together on a yacht around 9:30 PM," an insider shares to Radar Online. "They were holding hands and looked happy together."

"She was having a great time," the insider describes further of the evening. "You could tell she really got along with his rapper friends."

Khloe's family did not always have a low opinion of French. There was a time when French and Kris Jenner hit it off very well. They even tweeted a picture of them together.

There was once a time when Khloe and French can act like a full-on couple of mom, Kris Jenner without being embarassed. On one of those dinners, Kris Jenner even looked on in approval as Khloe and French act all cuddly with each other while having dinner with her. 

"Khloe and French were like a full on couple in front of Khloe's mom Kris. They all sat in the back patio area, which overlooks the ocean. Khloe was introducing French to her mom and they hugged and kissed on the cheek," Hollywood Life reported, adding, "Khloe and French sat next to each other and were pretty touchy feely, like he had his arm around her and he kissed her on the forehead. They were all laughing and smiling and taking pictures after dinner. They all seemed to really have fun and Kris seemed to genuinely like French."

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