Key Lime Pie Arriving: Google to Release Nexus 4 LTE with Jelly Bean 4.3 in June, Nexus 5 with Android 5.0 in September?

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Google is reportedly working on a June release date of its Nexus 4 on June, this time powered by Jelly Bean 4.3 and with faster wireless internet access thanks to the now-activated LTE chip on its board.

This was suggested by tech blog site, citing an AnTuTu benchmark result for the Nexus 4, which allegedly showed the enhanced device with the new Jelly Bean version plus a radio signal that provides for swift downloading and uploading tasks.

While there is no assurance at the moment that the report is credible, it pointed to two possibilities that the Android world is all willing to embrace.

First, the popular Nexus 4 will be injected with fresh attributes by Google in hopes that the smartphone would realise its full potential the second time around. The phone has all the promises of providing serious competition to last year's leading handset - the iPhone 5 and the Galaxy S3.

It faltered, however, weeks after its rousing debut as buyers encountered difficulties in finding the handset. It turned out, Google and LG misunderstood the prospects that the Nexus 4 would generate, which led to supply chain issues and distribution backlogs.

It appears Google would want to correct that mistake next month.

The second scenario points to the realisation of the swirling Nexus 5 rumours. There is a chance, according to Gotta Be Mobile, that this Google signature smartphone will touch down on September and possibly with Key Lime Pie.

This belies the earlier reports that Google will stick with Android 4.3 for the rest of the year and defer the KLP landing at later date, perhaps on 2014.

If indeed the Nexus 5 is set for a late 2013 release date, then Google would probably allow the device to carry KLP first to give it the arsenal in competing against the likes of iPhone 5S and Samsung Galaxy Note 3 that experts expect to debut during the same period.

Doing so, however, will create another set of puzzles, which involves the Motorola X-Phone.

Will the handset's reported August release date suffer a push back? Or it will push through but with Jelly Bean 4.3 first then get the KLP upgrade a few months after?

For now, these questions remain hanging, only getting the answers in the months ahead.

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