Key iOS 8 Features Moved to iOS 8.1; New 'Song Identification' Capability in Siri Speculated

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The Worldwide Developers Conference scheduled for the month of June this year, will see Apple introducing its upcoming iOS 8 version. However, according to 9to5Mac, Apple will be concentrating more on the upcoming Mac Operating System update i.e. OS X 10.10 (touted to be a major update) and relatively lesser on the iOS 8.

The other significant rumor is that some of the key features expected out of iOS 8 and more importantly, the features that were making waves in the internet space will now be slated for iOS 8.1 in future, claims the same source.

It is worth noting that, the upcoming major update for OS X 10.10 will change the OS X landscape with its end-to-end redesign, this is expected to be similar to how iOS 7 changed the iPhone and iPads' look-and-feel last year. Apple has planned to promote the new OS X targeting the developers.

The beginning of the month March saw the internet going crazy on some of the unique and interesting iOS 8 feature additions that include:

-          Healthbook,

-          Auto-delete option,

-          Uncluttered notification center option,

-          A major upgrade to Siri in the likes of Google Now,

-          A standalone iTunes Radio app,

-          Map enhancements,

-          New TextEdit and preview apps,

-          Removal of Game Center app,

-          CarPlay over Wi-Fi,

-          VoLTE calling support,

-          Several Performance Improvements & the others.

Interested readers can read more about the aforementioned features by clicking here.

Although, there is no word from Apple to confirm this news; the main feature that could potentially be out of iOS 8 and could see the light of the day only in iOS 8.1 is being speculated across the blogosphere. If rumors were true, the feature in question could be iOS 8 Maps; owing to the fact that Apple is still struggling to seamlessly integrate public transit functionality into iOS 8 Maps.

Additionally, the source claims that iOS 8.1 is in development phase.

Speculated New Feature

Apple could be working on a new song identification feature for Siri with the help of Shazam, according to reports. This would enable Siri to utilize Shazam's database to identify the song title and metadata information playing out of an external speaker. Interestingly, Siri would present the user with the ability to download that particular song via iTunes, according to 9to5Mac.

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