Kevin Ware’s Broken Leg: 5 Things You Need To Know [GRAPHIC VIDEO]

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Kevin Ware's broken leg became viral all over the web. The basketball player suffered a horrific injury in a game against the Duke last Sunday.

The video of Kevin Ware's broken leg has been limited for replays as decided by CBS. But that doesn't mean that YouTube will be out of it in case there are others who are curious about what happened.

After his injury he was whisked off to a medical facility. His teammates remained supportive to the point where some of them were even crying. Ware has received countless support from various social networking sites more specifically Twitter.

There are also a couple of things to be highlighted with regards to Kevin Ware's broken leg injury. Here are a few of them:

Fans were traumatized - It was definitely not a pretty sight to see Kevin Ware's leg snap on national TV. That is why CBS has decided to stop the replays of the graphic video. Surely, fans are haunted by the image and the rest of the players were worried not only for Ware but for themselves knowing that such injury could happen to any of them.

Kevin Ware's recovery could take a year or more - After the accident, Ware was transported to a Methodist Hospital near the stadium. According to reports from SB Nation, Ware's broken leg could take up to a year before it recovers. Apart from that, an additional time may be needed to condition himself in case he wanted to play again.

Ware's injury was dubbed "Worst Injury in a Basketball Game" - The words came out of CBS reporter Jim Nantz. Other sports reporter agreed in response using Twitter.

"I don't know if in basketball I've ever seen one like that," he said.

Ware encouraged his team and they ended up winning the game - While he was laying down and in so much pain, Ware encouraged his team by saying, "Don't worry about me. I'll be okay. You guys go win this thing." Louisville won against Duke and advanced to the Final Four of 2013 NCAA March Madness Tournament.

Joe Theisman and other personalities showed their support via Twitter - Athletes and fans have showered Kevin Ware support via Twitter. His name became an instant trending topic in Twitterverse.

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