Kevin Rudd Supports Gay Marriage

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Former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd had a change of heart. Previously in opposition of same-sex marriage, Rudd announced his support for gay marriage explaining his decision was part of his personal journey. He also denied claims that he was only gunning for political points upon his announcement.

Rudd posted his new stand on his blog announcing his support for same-sex couples. He claimed that they should be permitted to get married given the ceremony is performed any place else than churches or religious institutions. Opposition still questioned this newfound support the previous minister is showing.

In the past, Rudd had been popular for stern opposition against gay marriage. He even voted against legalizing same-sex marriage in September 2012. Legalization of gay marriage did not push through. It lost parliamentary vote which was at 98-42 in favor of the opposition.

Despite what detractors are saying, Rudd insisted that his same-sex marriage advocacy is nothing more than a change of heart. He wanted to let the people know of his choice prior to starting new vote about legalization. Voting in the lower house will be on June 6.

"If you can't be grown up enough in the Australian national political debate ... and reach an amended or changed position, then frankly you shouldn't be in national political life," Yahoo News quoted the former Prime Minister in Brisbane.

Rudd clarified he was not publicizing his stand for his new position - or that it will boost his position with the present Prime Minister. 

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