Kevin Love Withdraws from U.S. Basketball Team to FIBA Spain

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All the Kevin Love trade talks have already trickled down even to the plans of U.S.A. Basketball.

USA Basketball chairman Jerry Colangelo confirmed that the all-star forward of the Minnesota Timberwolves has withdrawn from the team following uncertainty of his future with his mother club, according to a Yahoo! Sports report.

Love is the center of the summer's trade talks after demanding to play for a new team. Colangelo speculates that this is the main reason why the former three point king pulled out his name from contention to being named in the final roster for the 2014 FIBA World Championships in Spain.

''He wants to play but it's a little bit of a sign of the times when you look at the league in terms of contracts, rumored trades,'' Colangelo told The Associated Press in a telephone interview.

''All of those circumstances puts players I'm a funny position.''

Love is the latest big name to withdraw from the team which already suffered big blows with the departure of Blake Griffin, LaMarcus Aldridge and Kawhi Leonard. The team is already bracing for trainign camp in preparation for the trip to Spain which will start next week.

Love along with Kevin Durant were the first among players targeted to commit to the team last year and his suddent urnaround comes a surprise to Colangelo.

The main reason must be the pursuit of teams like the Cleveland Cavaliers, Golden State Warriors and the Chicago Bulls who are hot on the heels of the Timberwolves to acquire the disgruntled forward. The Cavaliers appear to be in the lead to acquire him by dangling two number one picks Andrew Wiggins and Anthony Bennett plus a future first round pick. The Warriors have still held out Klay Thompson in talks but have optioned Harrison Barnes, David Lee and an assortment of picks. The Chicago Bull have recently re-entered the talks by dangling Taj Gibson, Dylan McDermott and Nikola Mirotic.

The withdrawal of Love is understandable given that a sudden injury might derail all trade talks. This must be a difficult decision for Love as he has long maintained that his tenure with Team USA has helped in his growth and development as a player.

The stretch power forward is seen as vital piece to the campaign of the Americans as he provides a shooting and rebounding presence which is a unique skillset. Nevertheless, Colangelo assures that there are plenty other players ready to fill his shoes and provide the inside presence the team needs.

Team USA will now have to count on young big men DeMarcus Cousins, Andre Drummond and Anthony Davis to give the interior muscle the team will need.

In the meantime, the team will have its hands full to trim down the current pool of 18 players to the 12 man roster it will field to Spain.

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