Kevin Garnett and His Thoughts of Retiring if He Wasn’t Traded With Paul Pierce

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Kevin Garnett, who is doing a promotional tour in China, said in an interview with Sina Sports that if he had not been traded with Paul Pierce, he would have stopped from continuing his basketball career.  The two have been playing as teammates when Garnett was traded to Boston Celtics from Minnesota Timberwolves before the beginning of the 2008-2009 NBA Season. In their first year together, Boston Celtics won the championship title and has remained a runner for the title in each consequent season.

Not everyone knows the close and tight relationship between these two basketball legends. They have been best friends way back when they were still with Amateur Athletic Union (AAU), an organisation based in the U.S. devoted to the promotion of amateur sports. Kevin Garnett played for the Farragut Academy of Chicago, and Paul Pierce played for Kansas. So, yes! They are closer than many people know. This is the very main reason why Kevin Garnett says that he would have left his basketball career if he is not traded with his good old pal Paul Pierce.

During the Sina Sports interview, Garnett was asked if he would reject the offer if it was only him. To which he answered, "I would not accept it, for sure, if I am the only one traded away, I would rather retire."

Earlier in the summer, Pierce stated that he talked to Garnett about leaving Boston Celtics for the Brooklyn Nets. Garnet signed with the Nets and the deal was completed on draft night. This situation shows how really tight and close these two basketball superstars are. Garnet would definitely stick with Pierce.

Garnett has had a long and fruitful career with basketball and may, well, be considering retirement, but it will not happen anytime soon. He and best buddy Paul Pierce are part of a good team, and it will be exciting to see how they play back-to-back in the Eastern Conference. Garnett announced that the number 5 jersey he wore when he was still with Boston is no longer available, so he would be wearing the number 2 jersey instead, also to give honour to his former teammate at Minnesota Timberwolves Malik Sealy, who died in a car accident in 2000.

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